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Best Way To Load a Washing Machine


We are all looking for a way to save money anywhere we can. We try to find great deals in the supermarket, we try to carpool in order to save gas but did you know that you could save money at home every time you wash your clothes? By loading your washing machine properly you can get clean clothes and you can save money on water and energy too. If you really want to get the total efficient experience from your washing machine you may want to look into getting a new dishwasher that is Energy Star rated. Best Way To Load a Washing Machine

If you are looking for a way to save money, try maximizing the use of washing machine by learning how to effectively load the washing machine. The best way to save money on water and on energy is to use the washing machine only when you have a full load of clothes waiting to be washed. Imagine how much money you are throwing way by washing only a couple of items at a time. The savings come in when you maximize the load of clothes you are washing.

If you wash your whites separately from the colored clothes you may want to consider an alternative. If you are really serious about saving money on your water and energy bills then take a look at the week’s laundry and see how many whites you actually have. If you only have a handful of socks and undergarments that you usually wash separate you may want to take a look and see what else can be washed with your whites such as white towels or white pieces of clothing.
Front Load Washing Machine
If you don’t have towels or other whites then maybe you can find clothes detergent that contains bleach like Arm and Hammer or Gain. The idea is to save money every time you use the washing machine and by doing a half a load will cost you money rather than save it. Sorting clothes is the best way to maximize your clothes washing. If you have children you could wash their clothes together with some undergarments of yours and maybe add some shirts. If you have to do more than one load you want to make sure that you get the most from each wash.

Choose a day to do towels and sheets together. These will be easy enough to help fill up your washer. Try to get all of your washing needs together, if you only have time for one load, then sort the clothes by matter of how much these clothes are needed. Make the most of your wash. How you load the washing machine is just as important as sorting the clothes. Some people are under the impression that as long as you can fit the clothes in the washing machine they will become clean. This is not true, if you over stuff your washing machine you will not get all of your clothes the clean they need to be. By over stuffing the washer you are not allowing the soap to get to all of the clothes so just some of the clothes are getting clean.

Loading the washing machine is a lot like loading the dishwasher. You want to do it as methodical as possible so all of your clothes can get clean. Try to mix up the sheets and towels with kids clothes or your own shirts. Pants usually take up a lot of room in the washing machine so you want to make sure that you load the washer wisely.

There are plenty of ways to save money just by doing daily or weekly household chores. You just have to know how to go about doing it. Something as simple as doing a load of laundry can save you money every month. By purchasing a new energy efficient washing machine, you can really see the savings pile up on a month-to-month basis. After a year, the money that you can save just on washing clothes, you can pay for the washer itself. Do some shopping around and check out some of the new washers on the market. They are Energy Star Rated and they are made to save you money right from the start.


  1. I am sorry but I still didn’t find the information I was seeking. This tells how to best sort laundry and how much to wash. No where did it say exactly how to load the washing machine.

    Dry clothes evenly sorted to 3/4 full, turn on water, add soap?
    Turn on water, add soap and toss clothes inside while filling?
    Add soap, fill up washer all the way with water and squish the clothes into the water?

    I say dry clothes loosely and evenly around agitator about 3/4 full, sprinkle on soap powder, turn on the water and shut the lid. Or if using liquid soap, clothes, water and into the liquid dispenser usually used for liquid bleach.

    Kiddo’s Boyfriend says, put in soap, fill with water completely and then shoves clothes in while it’s agitating till he thinks it’s enough and he doesn’t measure the soap.

    Think my way the washer will last longer and the clothes will be cleaner, he says it doesn’t matter. So was looking for information to settle this. Unfortunately this article wasn’t what I need.

    Good article on sorting clothes and how to best wash them though.

    The Raging Great Grannie

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