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Best Swimming Pool Timers


Wouldn’t it be great if you could have your swimming start saving you money? You could change all of your swimming pool equipment to higher efficiency models like filters and swimming pool heaters but there is still something more you can do. You can invest in swimming pool timers. You may be thinking what part of the swimming pool could you possibly need a timer for. Well, if you stop to think about it, you could use a timer to start your swimming pool filter. Rather than have your filter operating all day when you just need it done for a few hours a day, you could set the timer for when you want to set it.

If you would like to go swimming and the water may be a little chilly, set the timer for the heater, so when you are ready to go swimming the pool water is nice and warm. There are plenty of timers out there so we have complied a list of some of the best timers on the market. Take a look and see which one will best suit your needs.

Intermatic Above Ground Pool Timer

Intermatic Above Ground Pool Timer
The Intematic Above Ground Pool is a heavy-duty outdoor timer that is perfect for swimming pools and their equipment. This style of timer can also be used on outdoor appliances and lights. This timer is a 1 horsepower with a standard 3-prong plug.

The Intematic Above Ground Pool Timer uses 120 volts with a 24-hour timer with 23-1/2 hours that can be set at once. The switch rating is 15 amps in either resistive or tungsten. Remember if you are using this to time your pool pump it can only accommodate a one horsepower pump. This above ground swimming pool timer is affordably priced at $ 32.99.

Intematic T12404R Swim Pool Timer

The Intematic T12404R Swim Pool Timer is perfect for filters, swimming pool pumps and heating systems on inground or above ground swimming pools. This timer has a 3-pole contact with a 208/277-volt inductive current. It uses a 40-pole amperage supply and comes with a NEMA 3E enclosure for protection from the elements. It has a 23 maximum setting with 12 on and off cycles. The second section on the timer is rated at 10 amps.

Two Circuit Mechanical Time Switch with Fireman’s Switch

This mechanical switch is part number T101P201; it is designed to coordinate with control for the heater and the filter pump. This switch can also be set to turn off any gas fired swimming pool heater about 20 minutes before the pump itself will shut down. That is a great safety feature. This timer will save you money from water overheating which can lead to other problems. This timer has a 24-hour dial that lets you do 12 hours on and 12 hours off. The specifications of this swimming pool timer is that it has 125 volts with a SPST Switch. It has a 40-amp resistive switch rating. It has a knockout combination of 1/2″ to 3/4″ nominal knockouts and one on the back and on each side and one of the bottom.

TightWatt Digital Pool Timer

TightWatt Digital Pool Timer
The TightWatt Digital Pool Timer will save you both money and energy when you use this timer for your swimming pool equipment needs. These TightWatt Timers are great as energy efficient timers. They are easy to use and just as easy to install. There is a summer and winter switch and it can reduce your energy bills by simply adjusting your pool equipment to run on certain times of the day.

The TightWatt Digital Pool Timer runs off of a 9-volt battery back up to help prevent against any power loss that may happen. You have a programming option to run 1 or 2 filter cycles per day. This digital swimming pool timer has an open relay for extra security. The TightWatt Digital Pool Timer has a 3-year warranty.

Tork 1101FM 24 Hour Swimming Pool Timer

The Tork 1101FM 24 Hour Swimming Pool Timer is a 24-hour dial for complete control of the swimming pool pump, filter and or heater. The timer comes with a metal case to protect the timer. The Tork 1101FM 24 Hour has a very low voltage secondary circuit to turn off the water heater thermostat about 20 to 30 minutes before the pump does. That features is good to have because it means that the heater coils have a good cooling off period, which will prevent less steam build up and knocking.

By using any of these Swimming Pool Timers, we can decrease the time that the heaters, filters and pumps run but they can also save money. But also by using these timers we can prolong the life of the equipment by simply running the heater, pump or filter when you need to.


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