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Best Swimming Pool Pumps 2009


Best Swimming Pool Pumps 2009An important part of the swimming pool is the swimming pool pump. The swimming pool pump is what keeps the pool going. There are so many different types and styles of swimming pool pumps that it can really be frustrating at one type of buy. Which companies have the best and which companies are just so-so. When shopping for a swimming pool pump you want to make sure that it is the best pump for your size swimming pool.

We have put together a buyers guide of the best swimming pool pumps of 2009. These pumps include the Hayward Power Flo LX 1 HP Pool Pump Model SP1580, the Hayward Super Pump SP2600X5 Pool Pump, the Pentair SuperFlo Pool Pump 340037 and the Pentair Challenger High Flow Pool Pump. These swimming pool pumps are the best of the best of 2009. These pumps are powerful and reliable. By choosing any one of these pumps, you are getting a reliable pump that can help keep your swimming pool up and running all summer long. Let’s take a look and see what each of these pumps can offer you.

Hayward Power Flo LX 1 HP Pool Pump

Hayward Power Flo LX 1 HP Pool Pump
Hayward has been in the swimming pool industry for over 80 years. They are the most recognized names in the industry today. All of their products are high quality and high performance. Any swimming pool that uses a Hayward swimming pool pump can be guaranteed a powerful and long lasting pool pump. The Hayward Power Flo LX 1 HP Pool Pump SP 1580 has been meeting and exceeding standards for the past 30 years. This pool pump has a one of a kind corrosion proof thermoplastic housing. This will help keep the pump protected from the weather. This pump also has a very quiet operation unlike some of the other swimming pool pumps out there. The Power Flo LX is 100% drip proof and has a high performance impeller that keeps the pump going.

The Power Flo LX has a drain plug that makes installation and maintenance easy. The pump has a clear cover that allows you to see when the pump basket needs to be cleaned out. The Power Flo LX is a one horsepower pump that runs with 115 Volts. The Hayward Power Flo LX 1 Horsepower is 100% reliable and it is priced at $188.00. The price may change a bit depending on where you decide to purchase the pump.

Hayward Super Pump Pool Pump

Hayward Super Pump Pool Pump
The Hayward Super Pump is one of the most well known pumps in the Hayward Swimming Pool Pump inventory. This well known Hayward Super Pump is a 1/2″ horsepower pump that uses 115 volts. It is a self priming pool pump that has suction up to 8 feet above the water level. The SP2600X5 has Hayward’s exclusive swing to the side hand knobs that provide easy removal of the pump cover. The strainer cover allows you to see when the basket is full. If you can keep up with the skimmer basket on the pump, you will be able to prolong the life of the pump.

The Hayward Super Pump SP2006X5 is an energy efficient pool pump that offers more flow at the right horsepower. All of the inside parts are molded or anti corrosion proof thermoplastic that is needed for extra long life. If you take care of the Super Pump, it will take care of your swimming pool.

The Hayward Super Pump SP2600X5 is designed for in ground swimming pools and spas. This swimming pool pump is considered to be a Standard Efficiency Max Rated Single Speed Pump. It has a service factor of 1.20 and it can be connected with a pipe size of 1-1/2″.  The Hayward Super Pump SP2600X5 is priced at $255.99. A great pump for a great price and it will last you many seasons to come.

Pentair Superflo Pool Pump

Pentair Superflo Pool Pump
Like Hayward, Pentair is the other most recognized names in the swimming pool industry. These pumps are created to provide the most efficiency for in ground swimming pools. The SuperFlo Pump has a very thick walled body parts. The motor is a real Pentair Challenger High Flow Pumps

The Pentair Challenger High Flow Pump is a 3HP swimming pool pump. It is designed for in ground swimming pools. It has in floor cleaning system and decorative water features for extras like waterfalls and fountains. The inside components are made from a custom molded thermo plastic for better strength and durability. These pumps have a deeper purpose in mind such as running pools that are in need of a high pressure operation that goes above and beyond the circulation of the swimming pools water.

The Pentair Challenger High Flow Pump has a standard 2″ suction and discharge ports that allow a better operating efficiency. These pumps have see through strainer baskets that will provide you more time in between cleaning out the strainer basket. This pump has an anti spin off impeller. This swimming pool pump has inside components with 2″ ports that were created to offer the pool owner faster priming and more quiet operation. The electrical supply of the Pentair Challenger High Flow Pumps is 1.15 Service Factor, Full Load Amperage or FLA of 15.0 to 13.6. It works on a 208-230 volts power supply. This pump is best used for larger in ground pools with water falls or fountains something a bit more complex than a standard swimming pool. The Challenger High Flow Pump costs about $799.00.

Shopping for a swimming pool pump can be frustrating; we hope that we were able to help you in narrowing down the search for the best swimming pool pumps of 2009. The most important thing to remember that not swimming pool pumps are designed for above ground pools and in ground swimming pools. Each pump is designed with different horsepowers and different specifications. You have to choose the pump that will best suit your swimming pool. Hayward and Pentair are the best of the best in swimming pool pumps and other swimming pool products. Take some time and do more research and see which pump be the best choice for you.


  1. I am surprised that you have rated Pentair pumps so highly. While I did not buy a SuperFlo, the Pentair WhisperFlo 3/4 HP pump I bought was awful. After less than two years, the motor started making incredibly loud sounds, and it became clear the bearings were shot. I had the motor rebuilt at a cost of more than $100. Then about a year later, the pump developed a large crack in the leaf basket so it was sucking air and the pump no longer created significant suction. My pool guy says it cannot be repaired and that I need to buy a new pump. Perhaps I just had an unusual lemon, but it seems more likely that the quality of my pump is consistent with that of other Pentair pool pumps.

  2. Peter, I also have a Pantair WhisperFLO 1 HP that lock up today, overheated. The pump is only two years old.

  3. I have had NOTHING but trouble with all of my Hayward equipment. Replaced creepy, sand filter, pump and salt cell (all Hayward) about 5 years ago. Everything except the sand filter is shot and needs replacing!

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