The Series PL is a Close Coupled Booster Pump, mainly used for applications such as residential and some light commercial heating systems and some potable water systems. Their design is based on other applications for Hydronic Heating, Radiant Heating and Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems. One of the best features about the Series PL pump is that they are permanently lubricated so you never have to worry about remembering to fill the pump with oil.Bell and Gossett Series PL Pump

These pumps are designed and created with durability in mind. The Series PL Booster Pumps are 25% more efficient than other Booster pumps on the market today. They are designed with Bell and Gossett’s own Stiff Shaft system, the pumps are made with a highly durable alloy steel that is resistant to cracking that may be cause by stress on the system. The pump is also designed with an advanced close-coupled creation that will actually increase the life of the pump and increase the efficiency of the system. The close-coupled design will also ensure a dependable start up at the start of heating season. The seal system of the Series PL is not just tough but it is strong. The seals have a carbon silicon carbide that is installed on a stainless steel shaft. This will hold up for a harsh operation of the system.
Bell and Gossett Series PL Pump
The body of the Booster Pump is available in Cast Iron or Bronze. The face plate of the pump is constructed with Stainless Steel. The Impeller is manufactured with 30% of Glass Filled Noryl. The Shaft is Carbon Steel and the Shaft Sleeve is Stainless Steel. The Seals are Mechanical, which can be made from Carbon on Silicone Carbide, and the Motor Bearings are Sealed with Steel Ball Bearings that are also permanently lubricated.The pump is built to last and according to Bell and Gossett they are proud to say that these pumps are maintenance free. The operation of the pump is strong as well. The Maximum Working Pressure used by the pump is 150 psi and the maximum Operating Temperature is 225 degrees Fahrenheit.

There are 16 pumps in the Series PL Booster Pumps. The Series PL-30 Pumps operate with a 1/12 horsepower; the rpm’s are 2650 and either a 115 or a 130 voltage (when you order you have to specify which voltage you are ordering). The PL-36 pumps operate at 1/6 horsepower, a 3300-rpm and either a 115/230 voltage. The Series PL-45 operates at 1/6 horsepower, 3300 rpm and either a 115/230 voltage. The Series PL-50 operates at a 1/6 horsepower, 3300 rpm and a voltage of 115/230. The Series PL-55 operates at a 2/5 horsepower and a 3250-rpm and a voltage of 115/230. The Series PL-75 operates at 1/6 horsepower, 3400 rpm and a voltage of either a 115/230 voltage. Series PL-130/2 operates at a 2/5 horsepower, 3200 rpm and a voltage of 115 or 230. The Series PL-130/3 operates at a 2/5 horsepower, 3200 rpm and either a 115 or 230 voltages. The available flange sizes of 3/4″, 1″, 1-1/4″ and a 1-1/2″.