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Basket Strainer


What is a Basket Strainer?

Basket strainers are generally used to remove the waste from the piping and fluid lines etc. It is also termed as garbage disposal strainers and is used for trading. In the chemical world, basket strainers are of much importance since they eradicate the impurities, gas and wastes from the fluid lines. This is done in a previous state of the pump intake. Basket strainer kitchen sink waste is usually a container with an opening and closing. The waste flow generally crosses via the basket.  The purpose of the basket is to restrict the debris and waste from going inside the pump. There is a removable lid in the basket strainer. In few cases, the basket can drag back to remove the debris and clean it. A good basket strainer is made up of materials which are corrosion resistant.

Example– Hayward Duplex Basket Strainer, Mueller basket strainer

Basket Strainers

The significant trait of a good basket strainer is that they do not rust, at the same time can take oxidation to any extent and do not react adversely with stainless steel, PVC or fiber. Basket Strainer Australia is one of the famous of its kind. Basket strainer as seen on TV has a number of major brands in the market. People avail such brands seeing the utility and efficiency of such products. One of the renowned basket strainer manufacturing companies is Eaton. The Malaysian manufacturers are one of the leading producers of basket strainers of various mesh sizes. Edmonton is one of the biggest producers of basket strainers at present. However, Elkay also offers one of the best elements of basket strainers.


Basket strainer bar sinks are available in a number of shapes and sizes. Basket strainers are made up of filter housing along with filter element assisted with punctured cage. The sealing arrangements are done in a positive way in order to evade from any selection of end connections. If the basket strainers are perfect and without any flaw, the service of the valves, pump and other related flow monitoring equipments increases to a great extent. Basket strainers for kitchen sinks come with filters for basket strainers and can be of any color. However, black basket strainers are generally preferred by customers. Flanged basket strainers in the form of cast Iron are present in large quantities in the market offering bolted covers. Generally, brushed nickel basket strainers are being used in commercial and residential locations in large quantities and these are highly decorative and endurable.

Following are the features of such baskets:

  • The strainers are designed in such a way that they efficiently remove any type of debris or foreign particle easily.
  • Such strainers have more filter area along with inadequate pressure drops for free flow.
  • Strainers are built with screens/micron meshes to generate excellent service and better function.


Generally, basket strainers can be categorized into two parts:

Simplex Basket Strainers

Simplex Basket Strainer Picture

Where there is more screen area to pipe area ratio is needed, in such piping simplex basket strainers are required. More screen area is rendered than a y-strainer in such baskets. Hence, the overall opened area is optimized and the pressure loss is minimized by the basket. This overall procedure minimizes the requirement for cleaning and saves time along with cost.

Duplex Basket Strainers

Also known as double strainers, such baskets can function for a long time and does not require stopping for cleaning purposes. This particular type of basket strainers has two individual chambers which function on their own without any regulation. The primary basket is dragged out and cleansed after one of the chambers becomes completely full and the flow is directed to the other. These are generally used in such processes where the flow is continuous and it is unstoppable for cleansing.  Few examples of such basket strainers are marine oil burners, lubrication system, chemical plants, power plants, cooling lines, compressors, condensers, water lines and ink supply lines. The main advantage of using such a strainer is to offer continuous time for cleansing and preservation.

Duplex Basket Strainer Picture

The sizes in such baskets range from ¾ inches to 6 inches. Such baskets have knob covers which are tool free. The handles are designed in such a way that the cleaning becomes easy and chamber basket which is off-duty can be removed with convenience.

Basket Strainer Wrench

This is used to set up and remove the basket strainers. It is generally build with robust steel a renders an excellent plumbing experience with the requisite tools. A good basket wrench is durable and has product longevity along with functional competency. Such wrenches are generally used for:

  • Big handle for better torque
  • Huge steel construction

Basket Strainer Wrench Depot is used to open critical screws and joints. The basket strainer nuts and screws can be tightening using the wrench depot.

Basket Strainer Pressure Drop

Pressure gauges are used in basket strainers to signify clogged screen. The drop or rise in pressure determines the flow of liquid through the basket strainer.

Basket Strainer Gasket

Basket strainers have bolted cover flanges which require a gasket seal. This gasket seal determines the flow of liquid through the basket.

Basket Strainer Catalogues

The basket strainer catalogues offered by major brands comprises of a variety of strainers of various sizes offering a wide range of products at cheap rates. From cast iron basket strainers to steel ones, different varieties are mentioned in the catalogues, in order to prevent people from cad basket strainers. Good cooking is one of the primary objectives of using a basket strainer. The installation of basket strainers in the kitchen sinks is bit complicated and requires expert handling. The industries manufacturing basket strainers in India are quite competent and efficient. Indian basket strainers are available in the international market also and most of them are IFC recognized. Jamison, Jomar, Jr and jb basket strainers are also available in the market.

Basket Strain Drains

How to install a basket strainer drain is one of the most common questions asked by all. The basket strainer drain for sinks are available almost everywhere. Basket drain dimensions can vary according to the need and desire of the customer. The designs of basket strains depend on the manufacturing company. The designs are basically based on the customer’s choice and preference that influences the market trend.


Due to loosening of the lever of Basket Strainers, leakage takes place. The kitchen sinks basket strainer leaks, and water flows out through the vent. Lock nut wrenches are used to tighten the lever of the basket sinks in such cases.

Basket Strainer Installation Video

To know more about installing a kitchen sink basket strainer, please go through the below mentioned link:


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