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Aquador for Above Ground Pools


Having the proper equipment to close your swimming pool is just as important as having everything you need to open it. There are some swimming pool owners who often don’t have the right equipment and would rather deal with the effects of not having the right equipment in the springtime. But why would you want to waste all that time you spent over the summer keeping the pool clear and healthy just to have it get destroyed in the winter.Aquador for Above Ground Pools

Now you don’t have to, one important part of closing the swimming pool is to make sure the skimmer basket is secure. There are old-fashioned skimmer plates that are made of metal and will rust and contaminate the water. With the Aquador Closure Plate you can eliminate that problem. Let’s take a look and see how the Aquador for Above Ground Swimming Pools can help your swimming pool.

Aquador for Above Ground Pools Features

Some of the features of the Aquador Closure Plate is that is works with Hayward Wide Mouth Skimmers and other standard size skimmers too. This closure plate will save you money by protecting your skimmer from freezing over the winter months, especially if you live in a climate where the winter months are harsher than others.

This Closure Plate is easy to install, simply snap onto the skimmer and secure. As this closure plate does its job it will protect the skimmer from freezing and breaking. This will help save you the water in the swimming pool. You can now stop draining the water under the skimmer basket before you close the swimming pool. There is nothing fancy about this skimmer plate, simply replace your old plate with the new. There is a plastic lid that comes with the plate to help protect the skimmer from any ice damage.

Aquador for Above Ground Pools Specifications

Aquador Skimmer Guard

These closure plates are so popular that can be used on many different styles of swimming pool. The Standard Aquador can be used on such pools as the Doughboy and Lomart. There is the Aquador 1085, which fits with the Hayward Skimmers. There is also a Liner Kit that is available that will include gaskets. The standard Aquadors do not come with gaskets. These closure plates are available at your local swimming pool supply store and you can find them online too. The closure plates measure in an 18″ and bolt to bolt is 16.5″.

If you are looking into closing your swimming pool properly then you will need the Aquador for Above Ground Swimming Pools. These pieces may be small but they can significantly help save you time, money and a lot of aggravation over the winter months. If you want a peaceful winter without having to worry about your swimming pool then look into getting the proper parts and the proper chemicals. The prices for these Aquador Closure Plates are from $19.99 to $24.99. Model 1085 for Hayward is $34.99. You can find them in your local swimming pool supply store or on any online swimming pool supply website.

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