The AO Smith Conservationist Gas Water Heater is one of the highest rated water heaters in the industry. Contributing to the heaters efficiency is the 2″ thick CFC Foam Insulation. The purpose of this insulation is to help keep external heat traps and the combustion chamber from losing heat. To help with the efficiency is the Blue Diamond Glass Coating that protects the heater from rust and corrosion. AO Smith Conservationist Gas Water Heater

The Conservationist Water Heater is designed with the DynaClean II automatic Sediment Cleaning System. This system was created to prevent sediment build up over the years from too much heater use. The system works by a special dip tube will guide the incoming cold water to create some “waves” in the tank. This helps to reduce any lime and other sediments from clinging to the tank. The Dynaclean II can prolong the life of your water heater as well as keep up the high-energy efficiency that the heater is rated for.
AO Smith Conservationist Gas Water Heater
Some other top of the line benefits that comes with the Conservationist Water Heater is the Push Button Piezo Igniter. Some pilots on water heaters can be a pain in the neck to light but with the Push Button System that AO Smith has installed on their water heaters it is easy. It has a one-hand push button with a spark ignition. The Water Heater also has a sealed combustion chamber that has an air intake filter and a flame arrestor already built into the water heater base. There is also a thermal cutoff device that was created to turn off the gas flow to the burner and the pilot if abnormal combustion vapors or levels are present.

With AO Smith they bring the “green” elements with their water heaters. On the Conservationist they have the Green Choice Gas Burner. This gas burner is eco friendly because it reduces the amount of NOx emissions that are being released by the boilers and water heaters. The Conservationist has a flammable vapor ignition resistant system. This is a great safety feature, should flammable vapors ever escape the combustion chamber the boiler will shut down until the problem can be identified and rectified. There are 2 models in the Conservationist Series Water Heaters, the XGV-40, which has a First Hour Gallons Rating of 70,000 and a tank capacity of 40 gallons, and the XGV-50, which has a First Hour Gallons Rating of 88,000 and a tank capacity of 50 gallons. The Conservationist has a strong tamper resistant brass drain valve, a factory installed temperature and pressure relief valve and the company is offering a 10-year limited tank and parts warranty. AO Smith is dedicated to bringing consumers products of high quality and high efficiency. With prices going up and down all the time, it would be nice to have one thing that you can count on. Take a look on the AO Smith website and read more about the Conservationist Water Heater