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American Standard Cadet 3 Round Toilet

Toilet Specs:

Gallons Per Flush : 1.6 gal

Bowl Rim Height : 15 inches

Collection Name: Cadet 3

Color / Finish: White

Toilet Type: Two-Piece

Flush Lever: Left Front

Rough In: 12 inch

Estimated Price: $98.00 – $142.00

American Standard Cadet 3 Round Toilet

The American Standard Cadet-3 toilet unit is manufactured by famous company, American Standard, and many satisfied customers are out there with positive reviews after they used them for a while. The main body part was made out of vitreous china, which is ceramic material burned at high temperature in order to produce a non-porous body coated with a ceramic glaze. Its surface (named EverClean) is coated with silver-ion additive inside and out, thus providing maximum protection against bacteria, mold, algae, or mildew and fungus which usually cause staining problem over the time and deterioration. Consumers will find it easy to clean the surface to stay longer with clean status year after year.

Also it is equipped with Cadet 3 flushing system with a chemical resistant flapper which was highest rated at the recent independent MaP (Maximum Performance) tests. This test was to measure the capacity of handling 1,000 grams of solid waste in a single flush, and you could rely on its high performance of waste flushing system with fewer clogs at times. This way you don’t have to flush twice to check, and this will result in saving water bill on your end as well.

When you order it online, it will be shipped in one box and come with two pieces along with color matched bolt caps. Designed for quick and easy assembly on the end user side, you will have less trouble while putting it together following the instructions on the manual. In case you need to order toilet seat separately, you can contact the manufacturer directly or use other online shopping site. They have complete line of fixtures and faucets for bathroom and kitchen area, so you will find matching colors and materials even after you bought the unit in one place.

As per customers reviews, they mostly liked the high performance of flushing system without having to run 2 flushes for many years, even with the initial settings of water level just under the 5 liters which is pretty superior compared to other older models of 13 liter toilets. The size of the flush valve located at the bottom of the tank measures about 3 inches, and this is a great advantageous point because it will give out a stronger water down flush power. Usually other brands come with 2 inches in diameters, and if they are larger size then they cost more. Also the trap way is near all the way glazed for smooth pass-through out to the waste pipe. This is important as you will just have to rely on the manufacturer as it is not easy to inspect.

Some customers prefer Colonial White over a standard Cotton White (bright white) and there is no price difference.


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