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32″ RCA LCD / DVD Combo HDTV


With all TV’s recently switching from Analog to Digital, some of us do not have TV sets that are compatible with the new system. Some TV owners chose to buy an antenna and other have chosen to buy a whole new TV set. One of the best TV’s out there is the RCA DVD Combo HDTV. 32" RCA LCD / DVD Combo HDTV

TV’s today have more designs and features than the TV’s of 5 years ago. With so many new TV’s on the market, how do you know that the RCA L32HD35D 32″ LCD DVD Combo HDTV is best? Let’s take a look at this TV and see if it has all of the features and specifications that you are looking for. These RCA Combo HDTV’s have a factory installed DVD Player with a fast panel reaction time. This TV comes with 3 High Definition Input plus a PC input so you can use your TV as a computer monitor. This RCA DVD Combo HDTV is not your average TV. Let’s take a look and see what other features this RCA TV has to offer.
32" RCA LCD / DVD Combo HDTV
This RCA Digital HDTV uses an integrated slot loading DVD player for easy to use. This TV comes with a High Definition 32″ screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio. But you have to have a source of High Definition Programming like cable to have the full effect of the HD service. If you don’t have cable and you want the full effect of the HD have them set up an account for you or you can try Satellite TV too. But if you choose to use the TV as is, you will still get the digital service but the HD won’t be a good. There are 4 compatible inputs the 1080i, 720p, 480p and the 480i. This TV has a built in Digital HDTV and a Standard TV Combined Tuner.

This Combo HDTV can be wall mounted and it is VESA Compliant with a 200 x 200mm. There is one High Definition Component Input and it comes with SRS 3D Audio Enhancement. You will also get a Light Sensor that can improve the contrast and conserve energy too. The best part is that this TV is Energy Star Rated; this will ensure that you will save money on energy.

RCA L32HD35D 32″ LCD DVD Combo HDTV Specifications

The RCA L32HD35D Combo Digital HDTV comes with the picture technology of EN-V and a diagonal screen size of 31.5 inches. This TV has a RF Tuning Capacity of ATSC/NTSC/QAM. The refresh rate on this TV is 69 Hz, which is pretty fast. The display resolution of the RCA L32HD35D is 1366×768 and a viewing angle of both horizontal and vertical is 176/176. The reaction time from gray to gray is 8ms.

The brightness of this TV is 350 and the Panel Contrast Ratio is 1500:1. The Video Section offers a video processing marketing of EN-V. There is an 8-bit depth on this combo TV. This TV comes with an adjustable color temperature. There is format control and a dynamic backlight. There is an HD De-Interlacing features and 3D Noise Reduction. This TV offers Dolby Sound for the best sounding TV.

There are also the standard features such as the Control Buttons, Program Guide, Auto Search Channel, Close Captioning, Picture Reset, and the V Chip for Parental Control and this TV is Energy Star Compliant. This 32″ LCD HDTV offers a clock, sleep timer and downloadable rating features. The DVD player offers a slot-loading feature with the standard panel buttons of Play/Pause, Stop, Fast Forward and Rewind. There is an Automatic Start on the Disc Insertion. This TV has everything you need and more.

HDTV is a great way to watch TV, platy DVD’s or use this screen as a computer monitor. It is a 3 in 1 fully functioning TV set. There are RF Inputs, Two Composite Video Inputs, One S Video Input and 2 Shared Audio Input for Composite. The best way to decide if this TV is for you, take a visit to your local Walmart store and see it in person. Customers who have purchased this TV has said that the size is perfect and no need for a bigger one and that it met all of their expectations. The price for this Digital TV is about $ 468.00 but considering everything you are getting the price is actually worth it. Do some comparative shopping and see if you can get this TV for a cheaper price.


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