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30 Minute Toilet Installation Guide


Toilet Installation Checklist

Before you can remove, replace or install your new toilet your going to make sure you have some materials and some tools. Your going to need a wax ring, a set of Johnnie bolts, open end crescent wrench, toilet water supply line. You off course will also need the new toilet, a toilet seat and the toilet tank if in fact you are installing a two piece toilet. You may also want to think about installing a bidet seat as well for better health, they really are nice and easy to use.

Clean The Toilet Flange & Set The Bolts

Once you are sure that you have all of the tools and the supplies from the toilet installation checklist you will be ready to take the first step in installing your toilet. The first thing you should do is make sure that the toilet flange is clean. If you are installing a brand new toilet on a new toilet flange you should already have a clean flange.

But if you have just removed an old toilet and you are now replacing it with a new one you will want to make sure that the toilet flange is free of wax from the old wax ring toilet gasket. If you still have wax on the toilet flange you can use a putty knife to remove the remaining wax.

Now that the flange is clean you can place the new wax toilet ring on the flange. Once you do so you will want to place the Johnnie bolts into the flange. You will see grooves on top of the flange that the top square heads of the Johnnie bolts will fit into. Slide the bolts to the center and the middle of each side of the flange so when you set the toilet onto the flange the bolts will line right up.

How Set The Toilet Onto The Toilet Flange

Once you have the wax seal down on the toilet flange and your Johnnie bolts are in the correct position you will want to grab the toilet and lower it onto the wax seal and the flange. Once the toilet is set on the flange you will want to gently rock it back and fourth a few times to make sure it is sitting flush on the bathroom floor.

Now that the toilet is set on the flange, you will want to grab the Johnnie bolt nuts and the crescent wrench and tighten down the toilet bowl. Make sure you do not over tighten the Johnnie bolts or you could crack the base part of the toilet bowl. Once the toilet bowl Johnnie bolts are tight, you should sit on the toilet and make sure the the toilet does not rock back and fourth or side to side.

How To Hook Up The Toilet Water Supply

Now that you have the toilet set into place and the bolts all tight you can hook up the water supply to the toilet. The easiest way to do so is to use something called a flexible braided toilet supply line. These are also refereed to as “speedy’s” in the plumbing industry because of the ease and speed of use.

You also can use the old fashioned toilet supply line with the tank nut and the nut and feral on the toilet supply valve. No matter which you use, you will want to connect one end of the water supply line to the toilet fill valve which will be on the lower left side of the toilet tank. You will want to connect the opposite end to the toilet supply water valve. Make sure you use a bit of pipe dope on the threads and the faces of the bevels to prevent and friction from building up as you tighten the supply nuts down and also to form a perfect seal so you will not have any leaks.

Test The Toilet For Leaks, Flushing

Once you have connected the water supply you will now want to turn the water supply valve on. you can do this by turning the handle of the water supply valve to the left which is counter clockwise. Once the water has been turned on to the toilet you will want to wait till the toilet tank fills up and then flush the toilet a few times.

After you have flushed the toilet a few times you will want to check to make sure that the toilet is not leaking from the tank or from the water supply connection. If you have no leaks then you are all ready to start using your new toilet.


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