Having energy efficient appliances in our homes makes our homes run more efficiency and more effectively. These appliances can keep our food cold, our dishes clean and our clothes clean and dry. 30 Gallon Electric Kenmore Power Miser Water HeaterThey can also provide hot water for us with the hot water we need to run our washing machines and dishwashers and to provide us hot water for baths and showers. There are so many companies out there that claim that they have great products, so why go with a name you can trust, Kenmore.

Kenmore is best known for their appliances in the kitchen but they also have a successful line of water heaters. One of their best water heaters is the Miser 12; this is a 30-gallon electric water heater that is estimated to cost you $492 a year. This electric water heater contains 2 large anode rods that offer double protection from rust and corrosion. The diptube is made from PEX Roto Swirl and the lower element is made from Super Limeguard Dualwatt. There are 2 elements per water heater. The upper element is made with Super Limeguard. Super Limeguard elements are designed to last a lot longer than others. These are resistant to lime build up.
30 Gallon Electric Kenmore Power Miser Water Heater
The Kenmore Power Miser 12 unit is protected with a foam insulation that is installed to increase efficiency. It also comes with a factory installed temperature and pressure relief valve. For added efficiency it is coated with a long life baked enamel exterior finish. The recovery at 90 degrees rise is 25 gallons per hour. The Miser 12 30 gallon tank is constructed with a glass lined steel. The kilowatts per year are 4671 and the first hour rating is 44 gallons. Many times, water heaters are set for hot water that can burn the skin within seconds. Kenmore provides you the information that you need to avoid scalding hot water. If your water temperature were set around 160 degrees Fahrenheit, it would take 1/2 second for you to burn your hands. The recommended setting is 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This electric water heater offers upper and lower thermostat adjustments.

The Kenmore Power Miser 12 Electric 30 gallon water heater uses 30 amps of maximum fuse that is required and a minimum wire size of 10 gauge. The wattage set at 240 volts is 5500. This unit has an alternate dual power that uses 20 amps at maximum fuse, 12-gauge wire and 3800 watts set at 240 volts. Kenmore Miser 12 Electric Water Heater comes with a 12 year limited warranty on the tank and 12 year warranty on the parts. Kenmore Miser 12 is priced around $400. This Kenmore and other Kenmore Water Heaters can be found at your local Sears Store locations.