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3 Extremely Common Types Of Plumbing Systems Homeowners/Renters Have To Deal With


What do you think about when the word “plumbing” crosses your mind? For a significant number of folks, plumbing is a toilet, shower, dishwasher and sink. The reality is that there are a number of plumbing systems with every system being responsible for the water as well as the gas in-and-out flow. It doesn’t matter if you’re a homeowner or a renter, it’s best to know a little about plumbing systems.

When you have the basic knowledge about plumbing issues, there are two options:

1 – You can either carry out the simple fixes
2 – Call a professional to do it for you

When you do know a bit about plumbing systems, you won’t become a victim of a plumber charging you more money than you really need to pay or doing work that really doesn’t need to be carried out.

3 Kinds of Plumbing Systems To Help You Understand Your System

1 – Potable Water Supply Plumbing

This plumbing type is what gives you your toilet water, tap water, dishwasher water and clothes washing machine water. In essence, it’s running water that’s in your home. The source for this water will depend on the area in which you live. Potable water can come from a regional water treatment facility or from wells.

Whatever way you get your water, a potable water plumbing system is connected under the ground to the water source. The water comes through the system of pipes, which extend from the ground into the home’s walls.

2 – Plumbing Drainage Venting System

Plumbing Drainage-1This system is designed to take waste out of your home and includes the toilets’ outgoing pipes and drains from the garbage disposal, showers and sinks. This kind of plumbing goes into your city’s sewer system or the septic system. Many homeowners tend to face backup issues with these pipes, and because of that, they often need professionals to repair the pipes.

3 – Rainwater Run-Off and Surface Water Drainage Plumbing

Another type of plumbing people may need to deal with is the rainwater run-off and surface water drainage. Keep in mind that not all homes have this kind of system; it’ll all be contingent on the environment and land the house is sitting on. When clogs occur in this system, they’re typically easy to repair and can be done without outside professional help.

By knowing a little more about these systems, you can rest assured that you’ll be making informed decisions regarding the plumbing in your home.


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