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2 Primary Types Of Combination Heaters That Can Use Both Radiant and Convective Heating


There are several kinds of combination heaters – both convective and radiant heating – that work together to warm a room using a fan-assisted convector. The suitability and characteristics are similar to the oil-filled column heaters; however, they take less time to warm up.

A Look At Liquefied Petroleum Gas Heaters

When natural gas isn’t available, portable LPG heaters are the option to go with. The initial cost runs between $300 and $1,000, but, the actual running cost can match those of the portable electric heaters. The actual costs will depend on certain factors:Portable-LPG-heater-1

– Geographical location
– Costs for gas storage cylinder rentals
– Gas home delivery

1 – There is a limited size for portable LPG heaters, which is 25MJ, which is big enough to heat the majority of areas. LPG stays in cylinders, which are outside. The heater can be moved around the home, connected by way of various floor outlets in rooms that need the heat.
2 – The heaters provide both convective and radiant heat; but, it can also provide just convective heat only. It’s great for many areas of the home except for the following areas:

– Bedrooms
– Bathrooms
– Hallways
– Saunas

3 – These heaters are unflued and generate a significant amount of water vapor and combustion gases. It’s important that the heater has adequate ventilation.
4 – They need constant servicing and maintenance.

A Look At Kerosene Heaters

While it’s not widely used or available, portable kerosene heaters are less expensive than portable electric heaters. Kerosene can be purchased from retail shops but are extremely expensive. However, you can also purchase kerosene from a bulk supplier for less money. These heaters can run up to $500.

Kerosense-portable-heater1 – These heaters generate both convective and radiant or a combination of either one.
2 – They generate lots of water vapor. However, since they are unflued, fumes are released into the room, which can be irritating and fragrant. Thus, it’s important that ventilation is given during the operation. Convection heaters typically burn fuel far more efficiently than the radiant heaters.
3 – When you buy from kerosene from a supplier, be sure it’s kerosene.

What To Look For When You’re In The Market For A New Heater

When you’re looking for a new portable heater, there are five primary things you need to consider:

1 – This heater can be appropriate to many circumstances (convective, radiant or combination). Be sure you know the amount of time you’ll be using it for. For instant heat, you should pick an electric bar radiator. However, for longer use, a thermostatically controlled heater will be cheaper.
2 – Choose a heater with multiple heat settings – low, medium or high – or choose a heater with a thermostat. This will give you control over how much heater is emitted. Thermostats can reduce your costs by nearly 50 percent. However, for each degree Celsius in temperature of more than 20 degrees Celsius, the running costs are likely to increase by nearly 15 percent.
3 – Consider a heater with a timer so you can control over when the heater will turn on and off. Some heaters are equipped with this while others will need to be bought separately and plugged into the wall.
4 – Be sure the heater is the right size for the room you want to heat and that it can keep the heat in.
5 – Before you buy a heater, know what the noise level is. There are some very noisy fan convectors, especially when set on the highest setting.

If you’re going to use a portable heater for an extended period of time, the running costs will be a concern since it’ll cost more than the actual beginning costs.


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