Now is the time of year when homeowners start to think about making some decor changes to their homes. But with everyone trying to save money it can be a difficult choice to make the changes or save the money. Bathrooms are the first rooms that get makeovers. But there is a way to save money, time and get the bathroom that you are looking for. The company is called Re-Bath, they are not a construction company but they offer new bathrooms at the fraction of the cost of a newly constructed bathroom.Rebath Review

Re-Bath has been in business since 1979, the way the company works is that works hard not to disrupt the daily functions of your household by tearing apart your bathroom and charge you a huge amount of money to do so. They work quietly and efficiently. They have a great styles and design that you can choose from. Why spend thousands of dollars on a contractor destroying your entire bathroom and having it take longer than you were promised.
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Take a look at what Re-Bath and what their company can offer you. You will have no regrets when you choose Re-Bath. You will love the job that they do as well as the money you will save. Re-Bath will guarantee all of their work. You won’t be disappointed.

Why Should I Use Re-Bath to remodel my bathroom?

Over the years, our bathrooms use a lot of wear and tear. Sometimes as the years progress, we often encounter problem without bathrooms such as Mold and Mildew and as much as you scrub it just won’t all come off. Some bathtubs become rusted and worn out. The causes could be wear and tear or not cleaning properly. Or they can be underlying problems such as water leaking from the tub or pipes. Now it would be the time to replace the bathtub because things like mold and mildew can make you and your family sick.

Do I have to replace my entire bathtub and walls?

No, if you would like to change the bathtub tiles, you can just do that. The Sales Consultant will come and give you an estimate. If you want to simply replace the bathtub liner they will measure and match it to your bathtub perfectly. Re-Bath uses a material called DuraBath SSP; these are custom materials that Re-Bath uses to replace the old tub with a better-looking tub.

How is Re-Bath able to match my old bathtub with accuracy?

Re-Bath can mold an exact replica of the old tub from a huge inventory of 1000 tubs. The old bathtub is a guide to the exact measurements, there isn’t any blind molding everything comes from the existing tub or tiles.

How Can I Get Started?

The first step is to make an appointment. Then a Sales Consultant will visit your home and take some basic measurements. Then they will use their database to show you over a 1,000 different styles of bathtubs to choose from. They will show you bathtub liners and molds. Once you have completed the selection process they company will start the installation process. The best part about this company and the process is that if there is any existing damage then the company will repair the damage first and then start their own process.

Unlike other remodeling companies, Re-Bath will have your bathroom done in about a day. They will clean up any mess they make and leave your bathroom looking like brand new. You can even start using the bathtub and the shower the next day. You won’t find a contractor that will do the job that quickly.

What colors are available?

You will have to make the choice of both the wall color and the tub and shower color. The Wall Colors include Almond, Biscuit, Crema Travertine, Gray Marble, Heron Marble, Ivory Marble, Rock Creek and Sierra Granite, Taupe, Granite, Travertine, White and White Marble. The Tub and Shower Colors include Almond, Biscuit, Gray, Orchid, Mexican Sand, Sand Bar, Smoke Marble and White.

Does Re-Bath provide any extra accessories?

Yes they do. The offer a Grab Bar, a Soap Dish and a Corner Tower. They offer three different finishes for the accessories. They have Chrome, Brass and Brushed Nickel.

What is the Difference between Re-Bath and getting a brand new bathroom?

A major difference is the price, by hiring a contractor and using a rip out the old bathroom and install a new can run you about $8000 to $12,000. Re-Bath is far less expensive. Plus a contractor will have to rip out the old tub and the tiles. This could tale anywhere from 3 to 7 days depending on their schedule. But Re-Bath can get the job done in a day. There is absolutely no work on your part when you use Re-Bath. The Sales Consultant will come to your home and measure what they need and they give you the choice of what you want and not what they want.

How do I find a Re-Bath Dealer in my area?

This is simple, check out the Re-Bath websites and you will see a search box that will help you find the nearest Re-Bath Dealer in your area. The best part is that they come to you, you make a call a phone call and they will come to you and bring their business to you. You don’t have to do or go anywhere, they come to you. Re-Bath workers promise to save you time and money on your bathroom transformation. They promise not to tear off the tiles to your walls or make huge messes or tie up your bathroom for more than one day. They use high quality and high performance materials that will last you a lifetime. They use warm soft colors that will match any bathroom decor and the best part is that after a days work you will have a completely new looking bathroom. At the end of the day, when you have had a hectic schedule, you may want to relax with a nice hot bath but it isn’t as relaxing when you have an old bathtub that is chipping and has lost its luster. Make those hot baths more enjoyable with a Re-Bath remodel.