The Crane 6523 Wall Mount Standard Drinking Fountain is part of the Neu-Waterfall Collection. It is made with a strong Vitreous China and is best suited for commercial applications and not for residential use.Crane Wall Mount Drinking Fountain This drinking fountain measures in with a 6-5/8 inch high back so water won’t splash the walls. This drinking water fountain contains an elevated bubble base and an integral strainer, which allows easy drainage.

The Trim on the Crane 6523 Wall Mount Standard Drinking Fountain is offered. The Crane 6523 is trimmed with a supply fitting that consists of a Purflo Angle Stream Bubbler and an Automatic Stream Regulator. The Crane 6523 Trim comes with a push button self closing valve screwdriver and easy access cover plate less trim. The Trap of the Crane 6523 Wall Mount Standard Drinking Fountain is an 8-5684 Crane Cast Brass Female ” P” Trap that is 1-1/4 inch IPS connection. This trap comes with a clean out plug that is already installed on the drinking fountain. It is also available without the trap.

You will find the Neu-Waterfall or the Crane 6523 Wall Mount Standard Drinking Fountain in most schools or office building. These places have a high traffic area and you want to have a water fountain that is reliable and dependable. You want an easy access to the trap because kids in the schools can sometimes try top plug up the strainers and cause the water to accumulate.
Crane Wall Mount Drinking Fountain
Schools all over the United States have these drinking fountains installed. These are durable construction fountains and they actually conform to the ANSI/ASME A112.19.2 M Standards. This drinking fountain sells just the drinking fountain but there is a Drinking Fountain Rough In available, it is the Haws 6521FR. This rough in is freeze resistant valve system that has a push button activation. This rough in can be used on both indoor and outdoor installations of the Crane 6523 Drinking Water Fountain. The Haws 6521 offers an automatic stream regulation with .40 gallons per minute flow control assembly. If these drinking fountains are installed with the proper hardware such as the Haws 6521, then you won’t have to worry about maintenance all the time. Crane stands behind all of their products and they offer a great warranty and dependability.

If you are in the commercial sector and your building whether a school or office building is in need of a strong and reliable water fountains you should take a look at the Crane 6523 Wall Mount Standard Drinking Fountain. You will spend less time worrying about maintenance and more time on other things. Do some shopping around and keep in mind these water fountains are priced around $148.00.