If you have a King Technology “Pool Frog” hooked up to your filter system you can adjust the levels easily by turning the blue knob on the front of the canister. The Pool Frog is made for inground and above ground swimming pools. The Pool Frog requires chemical packs to operate. You can buy Chlorine and also many types of mineral packs for your pools water that can be just inserted into the canister.

If you want to increase the amount of chemicals being added to the swimming pool you will want to turn the blue knob on the Pool Frog to the right. If you want to lower the amount of Chlorine or minerals being added to the pool you would turn the knob on the Pool Frog to the left, this will reduce the amount being added to the pool. When the winter or off season come you will have to winterize your King Technology Pool Frog. To do so you will want to remove the blue drain plugs and let all the water drain from the Pool Frogs chemical canister holder. Once all of the water is drained from the Pool Frog you wont have to worry about it freezing during the winter. On some swimming pool plumbing systems there will be quick disconnect unions that will allow you to remove the Pool Frog from the plumbing.

Pool Frog